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Mushroom Gougère and Writing

I have a friend who said she vacuums every day before going to the office. Every day! I was too humiliated to admit ours might be done once a month (before she comes). But what I think is that her … Continue reading

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Boursin Cheese Almost — A Last Minute Holiday Treat

If I were prone to generous sharing and actually helpful hints, I would have shared this easy, far less expensive than the grocery store variety recipe earlier. But I’m not, so here it is now: Two 8 ounce packages cream … Continue reading

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Women, Food, and God

Geneen Roth Scribner, 2010 Roth writes to women who are diet weary after a lifetime of searching for ways to lose significant amounts of weight. Her methods are controversial and on the surface of it, very difficult for women with … Continue reading

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Asparagus Risotto

Living with vegetarian me (though I eat dairy and sometimes fish), is not idyllic for a meat-eating man. He’s never complained, and I try to make it possible for us both to enjoy meals. Asparagus risotto lets us meet in … Continue reading

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