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Artist Sam Guevara Takes Prescott, Arizona!

Earlier this month husband Sam and I traveled to Prescott, Arizona USA for a summer art show in Prescott’s town square. It was the first one Sam entered his work in and we were pleased he was a juried selection. … Continue reading

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Chasing “A Flaw in the Blood”

I got a new iPad! A major reason why is I am trying to gain control of books. I always have and always will maintain a personal, quirky library. Books have always been necessary treasures in any home I’ve lived … Continue reading

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Refugee Children and Private School Rich Children, Tens of Thousands Flood to U.S.

Is it just me or does this seem odd to others, too? Situation 1: Thousands of children have crossed the Mexico to U.S. border in the last months from Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras. They are needy, hungry, mostly alone, … Continue reading

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Education of a Kabbalist

Kabbalist Rav Berg The Kabbalah Centre, 2000 This promising book of less than two hundred pages was a bumpy read that alternated between being interesting, informative, repetitive, and also an invitation to the reader to follow studies in centers located … Continue reading

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