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Volunteering at the Library

Volunteering has been part of my life since I was in my twenties. Where, how, and why have changed through the years, but today I am driving to the closest local library to put in a little time and see … Continue reading

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Layers of Sound, Listening

Stomach wriggles, typing keys, clock tick, magpies, train whistle, far drone of freeway. The click of the computer hitting the wooden desk because it wasn’t stable when I typed. A car going by the house and my shoes moving on … Continue reading

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Plumbing Ads, Chaucer, Beethoven, and Evita

I’m not completely unfamiliar with public restroom ads. I’ve seen many off-color ads for plumbing, good-time boys, and taxi cabs on the inside of bathroom stalls of bars and restaurants. Still, when I joined the intermission line of twenty women … Continue reading

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Dear Abby: Mom Should Pay My Bills

A husband and father of two young children age two and under wrote he was under heavy financial strains due to student loans and was near to bankruptcy. He felt his rich mother should step in and help. Abby questioned … Continue reading

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