Being Connected to Others

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I’ve believed human beings are all one in a religious/transcendental notion. I think underneath the skin, hair and beyond the thickness of our wallets, everyone is capable of the same feelings and has an intimate tie to humanity by membership alone. Everyone has a stake in the future, though it may only be because without a level of peace and order around us we’re not as free to do the things we want. I believe in the physics of dominos that the fall of one can mean the fall of all. I believe with Robert Penn Warren when he indicated in All the King’s Men that human action or inaction has consequences.

So when warm winds whipped up in the valley where I live in an unusual fever pitch at night under a waxing moon I went to my backyard, laid down on soft ground cover, and raptured in beauty of the night stared at the sky and enjoyed the vastness of the universe. I enjoyed warm air moving all about me, stirring the flowers, shrubs, and trees to an equinox dance.

At the same time, at the other end of the valley, a fire stupidly started by humans, was causing the evacuation of  hundreds of families from homes. Gripping the hands of loved ones, they were running from all they owned to save their lives. They spent the night watching firemen and police work while they stared in shock at the possible annihilation of their peaceful neighborhood. In the end, three families did lose their homes and the rest returned to their smoke filled  houses forever changed.

A very organized rescue team was at work and no one went without shelter or food. I would have been in the way running out there, but I still have the question: How does it work, this concept of being interconnected with all human beings? How can I be so blissfully peaceful from the very winds making others suffer and not feel it? How can I be so unaware of stabbings, heart attacks, child abuse, broken hearts happening nightly in my city? How does it work? This being connected and so disconnected.


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