The Cookies That are Not Paula Deen’s

I should have recognized the cookie fever for what it was–an ever desperate need to reach out and do something to get my granddaughters’ attention who live two states away, mixed with a heat I occasionally have of: make cookies or else. Or else what I don’t know but I always make the cookies. It’s probably Irma telling me to make cookies to assure herself she’s still powerful. My granddaughters make great chocolate chip cookies, so it is an absent grandmotherly quest to offer something they don’t make.

A few weeks earlier, while flipping channels when I was in the kitchen making dinner, I ran into Paula Deen making Orange Toffee Almond Sandies. They sounded good, but I needed toffee bits. They would be necessary to scout. Two grocery stores were without, so I called four local candy stores. A helpful worker in a store not too far away said, “Oh, yes, we have toffee.” I couldn’t quite get it across to her that I wanted it without chocolate gooped all over it, but I went to see what they had. I didn’t want to remove the chocolate, but in hindsight that would have been the best thing to do. She told me she thought a local store only half a mile away would have them with the baking goods. She was quite sure. I trekked over only to find broken Heath bar pieces being sold for the same price as whole bars, but I was in Grandma Cookie Fever so I bought them. No one ever complains of bit of chocolate with toffee do they?

Sunday is the best day to make cookies that are mailed because they can go in the mail on Monday, and have until Saturday to make their destination on the cheapest postal rate. So, on Sunday afternoon I began. The trouble started.

I was going to make half a recipe, but didn’t pay attention and had the full amount of two kinds of oil mixed before I realized it. Sugar was next and I cut it by twenty-five percent because I always do since I’m convinced today’s recipes add too much sugar. I went for the orange extract. None there. What! What I had remembered was lemon extract. I substituted Cointreau. No one’s complained. I added almonds but didn’t have enough for the full recipe so finished off with walnuts. I put in the pathetically small bits of Heath bar that Heath should be embarrassed selling, and began apologizing to Paula Deen, who was again on television.

The first batch laid down to a thinner cookie than I like so I added flour. The rest came out like the picture above. They did taste good, but toffee was not a big flavor. Orange and nuts mostly. At least they were lovely Marcona almonds. They were individually wrapped, and packed for shipping on Monday. On Tuesday we received our previously ordered seven boxes of Girl Scout Cookies. Like my granddaughters need more cookies.


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