The Full Minor Holiday Circle

The scone recipe was in the paper Wednesday as a suggestion to celebrate the upcoming wedding of William and Kate Who Need No Other Title. Yes! Good idea, I thought and then put together plans to buy the makings of an early morning English celebration breakfast. An Emmy-like party at the wrong end of the day.

I decided I could manage the minor picnic of five households, including us. Wednesday afternoon I bought the goods for a scone, mascarpone, strawberry, orange juice and tea continental breakfast. The dollar store had adequate kitchen towels to wrap it in for delivery. Thursday I made the scones and prevailed on Sam to make gift tags. He helped me center the goods on each towel. and tie them up like Little Red Riding Hood picnics.

As I was finishing clearing of the kitchen before the delivery drive, I noticed a minor circle of my married life.  When my son was between three and seven years old, I would sometimes be caught up in celebration of a holiday that didn’t always include mandatory get-togethers. To explain the holiday and have fun with Zac I would concoct little deliveries for Valentine’s, Halloween and maybe St. Patrick’s to Sam’s and my unmarried brothers and the two grandmas.

After many passing years I was corralling Sam to accompany me for the delivery round to doorsteps. It was a two hour trek since geography seems to play little part in friendships. Everyone was working, only Sam and I had the leisure of afternoon delivery, so there wasn’t conversation over coffee or a long talk at the door. Sam didn’t need it explained that I was using the royal wedding as an excuse to make contact with people I feel I don’t see often enough and I didn’t know that was much of what I was doing with Zac.

Spontaneous bouts of giving time and/or money is not a frequent weakness of mine. It has happened few enough times in my life that the circle can be sighted. I easily let my strong desire to read, write and a dozen other things push this type of visit with small gifts aside. But I’m always quite pleased with myself when I finally do it. Congratulations William and Kate!

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