The Book is Out #3, Or Fear #3: People Will Read It

Forget Fear #1 and 2. People will read it and worse, they will have opinions. There is no limit to the number of people who will read it, starting with one. But even one person has opinions. From the day of starting page one, sentence one, there is knowledge of the future possibility of other people reading it with their personal biases and experiences raging out of control. If I were pushing a baby stroller with a Rodney Dangerfield mutant baby in it would anyone say anything? Probably not.

It’s a lousy comparison, I know, because writing is a way of making money and everyone who does work for money is up for review. Still, feelings make their small eruptions, so before I sent or gave any of my books I sat down and had a good talk with myself. “What could someone say?” I thought. Irma, always the first to pitch said, “Was it really a good idea to put your family and their human feelings, as interpreted by you, on public display?”

“Maybe not,” I answered, “but they all read the material that involved them and no one fell apart.” Next was, “Don’t you think some areas about myths and fairy tales are a bit pedantic or overdone?” “No, and they make the point I’m supporting.”

The conversation of possibilities went back and forth for a while and then continued from time to time until I’d heard it all ring in my head enough times that I looked down at the still unformatted 8 1/2” x 11” double spaced manuscript and thought, “I’ve written and revised with heart and head. I believe in the integrity of my original idea that made the connection between grief and the hero’s journey. There may be rough spots, some commas in the wrong place, not everyone will agree with me and fewer will call the writing lyrically beautiful, but I wrote it as much for others as for myself and this little baby is going out the door. Besides, Rodney Dangerfield, no matter how he looked as a baby, did pretty well for himself.”

So that brings me to this week. I have now given out over ten copies, Blossoms of the Lower Branches, a Hero’s Journey Through Grief, and I’m making connections with media, and professional groups who could us it. It’s for sale through Amazon, is available to bookstores through Ingram, and will soon be on my website. I will continue to do what I can to promote it. It will attract a few readers, and it will gain the momentum of energy to move forward within its pages and, hopefully, the hearts of the readers.

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