The Wild Eyebrow Hair

When I got home from a noon meeting I went to the mirror to take out my contact and there it was. Over my left eye was a long white (!) eyebrow hair falling gracefully down in a lazy S curve in a dangly earring length to my eyelid. Ahhhhhhhhhhh! How could I have missed it in the morning when I put the contact on or when I looked at myself 6” from the mirror to make sure the eye makeup was okay? Had anyone at the meeting seen it? How could this happen?

I lurched for the tweezer to pull the wiry interloper. Then I mourned the space it was leaving in my thinning eyebrows. At nineteen I plucked and pulled out hairs in purposeful quest of a better look. They always grew. In my thirties they began to hold their shape longer, though I barely noticed and didn’t bother being grateful, hidden as they were under lush bouncy bang.

In the scope of body losses a few eyebrow hairs is insignificant, but do they have to taunt me by ferociously poking out during noon time meetings? Why that day? Why not the day I’m sitting hunched over my computer and seeing no one? Did the person next to me (thank heaven there was an empty chair between us) incredulously watch it grow like a pod out of Sigourney Weaver in Aliens? Is that why his eyes widened after I made that statement? I thought growth only happened during sleep. Or is it growth only happens to twelve year olds during sleep but aging happens anytime?

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1 Response to The Wild Eyebrow Hair

  1. Yeah, isn’t that a hoot how as we age our hair changes in any number of ways? I was aghast when I discovered my first eyebrow hair.

    Janet Riehl

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