Painting My Office Benjamin Moore’s #697 Scenic Driv

Last month my husband helped me paint my twelve foot by twelve foot office. The previous color was a tamped purple with enough black to render it a hue Jane Austin might have attributed to the wallpaper in the closed city home of a fallen, near-penniless aristocracy. Perhaps Sir George had married a fiery Italian princess who gained Georgie’s secrets of England’s involvement in Trinidad, and sold them to the Spanish for her Rumanian lover. Unnoticeable, serviceable, quietly supportive, and bespeaking of faded glory, the purple gave comfortable background. But it was a little dirty.Fifteen years had passed since it was fresh paint and though I kept cobwebs away, the shadows behind hanging art and the now years-old tea splashes in my direct line of vision while sitting at the desk, bothered me. I tried to clean all spots off, but they were there like freckles.

“A new color in here would brighten things up and give me a lift,” I believed as I sat at the computer feeling frustrated because my most recent book, The Blossoms of the Lower Branches, A Hero’s Journey Though Grief, was now plodded through and a printed reality. Between writing projects I felt rootless and unanchored–and I was also cranky. Especially so because a new book needs promotion and it is up to me, Ms. Never Liked Selling Though I’ve Done It. It was a good time to disrupt everything in the room, empty it out, clean, paint and finally reassemble with some new cheer. Over seven hundred books needed dusting and re-arranging to new, inspiring, productive creativity.

With my husband’s help everything was back and in order in less than four days. It is now two weeks later and I’m still gazing at this color and wondering. It is a very nice green. More than many colors, it changes in the light as the day moves and sometimes all four walls have a different hue. Benjamin Moore’s number 697, Scenic Drive, is a little unsure of itself and changes from a bit too cheery Home and Garden Channel makeover green to pensive Lady of the Lake late dusk moss. I’m becoming friends with it and I’m trying to use its unsteady personality as a muse. Still, I’m missing the faded and fallen aristocracy that used to send me an occasional word from its deep history and serene purple.

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3 Responses to Painting My Office Benjamin Moore’s #697 Scenic Driv

  1. Mine is yellow – the same yellow I painted it when we first moved here in 1981 – I love the light. It’s been repainted at least once (can’t remember when). It cheers me every day when I open my eyes.

  2. GerriBara says:

    I just painted (well I didn’t do it… my painter did) our soaring chalet peak wall with Scenic Drive. The rest of the room is done in knotty pine. It is absolutely stunning. I think the reason it works so well is because it’s just on the one wall and because it contrasts so beautifully against the wood. I think it would be a little overwhelming in an entire room. The light that comes in from skylights, slider doors, and ground-floor windows is all indirect, and the wall seems to reflect a soft glow (we used eggshell finish). I am in love.

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