Kirkus Indie Book Review for Blossoms of the Lower Branches

Panoply Publishing
ISBN: 978-0-979395833
Available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and

It’s been a brain tussle trying to figure out how to promote my new book, Blossoms of the Lower Branches, A Hero’s Journey Through Grief. First hurdle: I didn’t want to. That’s right. First reason of first hurdle: There’s a lot of story about my life and I know people can have a lot to say and/or think about memoirs the author may not be comfortable with. And second, it’s just plain work to promote a book, especially one’s own, and the skill set necessary is not my best. I’m happiest as a writer huddled in front of a computer, or with a pen scrawling over paper, not touting banner headlines about my greatness. Though, I do admit, that when given a deadline to write, or a microphone and stage, I can let it loose and get my point across. I do have a message.

Second hurdle: This book is best suited for a segment of the reading audience. Maybe the only book that could be “enjoyed by anyone,” is the dictionary, and then only in brief stints, but my market is also defined by someone who would be interested in reading about mental and emotional recovery after a traumatic death of someone they love. The market exists, is always changing, and (here’s my best most sincere plug) I really do believe I have something valuable that is said in a new way to help a griever when he/she needs it.

So I’ve continued on by approaching groups who work with people in need of grief relief. It was important, and still is, to get reviews that explain in words that are not mine, and are positive. With relief, I received a good review from Kirkus Indie. Here’s the highlights.

An intimate, metaphor-rich guide for directing grief into a hero’s journey….Guevara illustrates her point by comparing her experiences to those of literary, historical and biblical figures. Declaring oneself a hero after surviving a painful voyage is also an action that gives meaning to death’s incomprehensibility. A balm for those seeking a new way to heal from loss.

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