Tough Tittie or F_ _ _ Like a Beast or Heartless Bastards

Tough Tittie is at Burt’s Tiki Lounge, F_ _ _ the Beast is at Carol’s Cove II, and Heartless Bastards is at The State Room. Sam and I couldn’t decide which one to go to for New Year’s Eve since they all promise rousing entertainment. Much better than Salt Lake City’s downtown celebration cutely, but still mundanely, named EVE. It promises 10,000 whining, tired kids I don’t know and therefore have only academic affection for. The best Salt Lake Tribune writer David Burger could compare it to was purchasing a loved one a useless $15 kitchen gadget. Maybe he thinks about the event like me.

“So,” Sam said, “would you rather have a useless kitchen gadget or spend the same amount for a ticket to EVE?”

“How useless? Could I have that really cool parmesan grinder I saw on Amazon?”

“We could save money and for only a three dollar cover charge see Tough Tittie.”

“Whatever happened to names like The Beatles or The Supremes or even Blondie?”

“You’re living in the last century. F_ _ _ Like a Beast is only eight dollars. Now there’s a bargain.”

“I could get maybe three-quarters of a pound of crab for $15 and eat it all myself.”

“For a couple of beers, I could be a heartless bastard.”


“Okay. You win. Let’s stay home and be one of the groups.”

But, for those interested:,, And the cheese grinder:

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1 Response to Tough Tittie or F_ _ _ Like a Beast or Heartless Bastards

  1. Rhea Gavry says:

    We are staying home too. 🙂

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