May 31 Things to Do

1. Post blog. Check done.
2. Finish writing for written blog interview on Blossoms of the Lower Branches.
3. Pay June utilities.
4. Receive overnight proof delivery (hopefully) and meet with author. Already know there are changes.
5. Get copyright lawyer referral for another writer. As of 9:50, have made progress on this.
6. Send email to friend haven’t heard from.
7. Gather household and clothing items for Big Brothers/Big Sisters pickup tomorrow.
8. Plant last of marigolds that may soon die if I don’t.

9. Add bleach to the outdoor fountain.

Item #8 Marigolds. 

10. Vacuum, expendable item since I did household cleaning item of dusting two days ago.
11. Forage in refrigerator for lunch, but plan dinner so husband satisfied.
12. Think up writing ideas.
13. Revise website. THIS HAS BEEN ON LIST TOO LONG! do it.
14. Update linkdin.
15. Prepare for upcoming trip.
16. Ask photographer friend if old 35 mm camera has any value at all, so know what to do with it.
17. Try again to figure out if I have been successful at changing email on blog to, or whether I’m still connected to
18. Meditate. Maybe move this to first.

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