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North River

Pete Hamill Back Bay Books, 2008 Life is layered. Humans seamlessly move hour by hour through family life, commuter life, work life, social life, whatever else life, and then go home again for family life. Our minds flit from one … Continue reading

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Utah to Arizona #3 Cleaning Out Writing

Carmen always stopped what she was doing to watch Emile Garza take his first drink. That is the first line of a double-spaced 129 page manuscript I have kept for over twenty years. To get stuff cleared out, reduce the … Continue reading

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Spry and Not So Young

I can’t believe it. This morning my husband comfortably referred to himself as elderly. “Imposserous!” I thought, reverting to the childhood movie of The Wizard of Oz. (Go away Mr. Freud.) My husband and I are the same age and … Continue reading

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The Man Who Quit Money

Mark Sundeen Riverhead Books, 2012 How is it possible to not use money? Is the man crazy? Is he a burden on the rest of us? Could someone really be sane “comfortable” in a cave; a dwelling more often used … Continue reading

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