Utah to Arizona #7 Moving Doldrums

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! That’s where I am. I’m in the moving doldrums of stagnation where I know there is an ocean of work to do but I am stuck until something gives.

1. There will be packing, but I don’t know what I can pack now since I don’t know what I will need before moving. Weather is changing so clothes will change. The yard is changing so tools will be needed.

This has sold. Not sorry to see it go.

2. There are some things of a bit of value I can sell, give

TV room couches have not sold. I still like the Russian use of white space.

away, or have hauled off. There are languishing couches no one has called about and I can understand why. They are, well, over twenty years old and had a quirky design then. It may snow again so the snowblower may be needed. Winter coats!

3. The house hasn’t sold. Dozens have walked through and peeked here and who knows where. A handful have asked leading questions. A few have been through more than once. But still it sits. I tell the house every day it is beautiful. It is well-built and comfortable. It lives in a very good neighborhood, but needs more inspiring company. Through the years I’ve become more intellectually entertaining, though less physically challenging and I think the house is tired of my books-upon-books life and would like the frenetic, bubbling sounds of

Typical pre-parting of books on twelve bookcases.

younger people.

4. Acquaintances are looking at me through confused eyes when they see my apparition of solid blood and bones self walk toward them. “Aren’t you gone yet?”

Along with days on a calendar what has progressed includes:

1. All items leftover from the garage sale have gone to one of two charities.

I’ve been working on slimming the pantry.

2. The pantry is being emptied though my usual stock of wine continues at even keel.

I do not attempt to run out of my wine store.

3. The house is feeling lighter with fewer books. Does that mean I have given away the beauty, challenges, heartaches, laughter in the books, too? My brain has not always been as reliable as I would like it so I like REFERENCES. Sam has reminded me

In my opinion, a reasonable post clean bookcase thinning. I’m moving to a house in Arizona, not an apartment in Paris, France.

the first store I visit after the move can be a book store.

The doldrums are not all bad. Fall is absolutely, no exceptions beautiful in Salt Lake City, Utah and I won’t mind experiencing it one more time.

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