Utah to Arizona 10, Dinner for Mother, First House Inspection

Seven hundred one miles driven in one day. Salt Lake City, Utah to Phoenix, Arizona. That’s the U.S. west. If you want to get anywhere, be ready. Stay with mother while checking property. Warm welcome, comfy

Only pomegranate on Mother’s tree.

bed, what else is there to ask for? Wine or beer or tea? All available. Vittles? Mother of a thousand wonderful meals with china, silver, crystal is now more practical. She’s eighty-six and ready to give but less willing to serve. It’s hard work. We’re happy to have made it in one day and in good enough shape to be ready for the “Inspection.”

Next morning warrior Arizona realtor Brad is there pointing out things we need to consider. How to check for properly closed cupboard doors. What side of garage to put storage cabinets to avoid trouble with car door openings. All goes very well when “Project Manager” appears. One problem: unexpected outey-

An early photo of house.

looking belly button thing called sensor for heating and air conditioning. No real problem in theory and need, great disagreement in aesthetics in the middle of a wall making use of whole wall. At best, ungainly. Small thing in life. Large thing in only wall in room that can harbor a china cabinet. So spoiled American, so stupid of whoever decided to put sensor there. Discussion (low-moderately heated). Can be moved to above light switch according to expert called on phone. All is well.

Sunday. Mother not up to accompanying. Anywhere. Because she wants to be well enough to go to birthday party for friend next day who is turning ninety. She initiated party in her yoga class, but was accused by teacher when she asked invitation be extended to all other women in yoga class, “You know, he is a married man.” My mother the vamp. I have a lot to live up to. I know I do. I want to be an eighty-six year old vamp. Someday. Perhaps.

While we picked pomegranate Sam raked Zen yard.

So Sam and I went to art show at golf community. Oh my, we decided. We don’t fit there though we’ve been there. In and out of fishes in the sea. That has been us. More to tell another date. Titans of industry, barons of banking, lords of underworld, angels of grace, they all live among us and it’s fun (entertaining and instructive) to travel between the lines. Back to today. (Which will be yesterday because there is not internet in Mother’s casa and I will need to find a Starbucks.)

Because she was feeling “under” and wanted to be ready for the birthday party tomorrow, I offered to make dinner. Entirely. It sounds so simple, I know. But it’s not. It’s not. It is her kitchen. She is well, a person who goes over her food, rates it, considers it, and her kitchen foibles of dishes, stovetop idiosyncrasies, were not familiar to me. Though her rating and critical eye were. I offered one of three choices: 1. Grilled salmon with sides. 2. Sweet potato fries with veggie burgers. 3. Shrimp and artichoke pasta. Please understand she is a veggie, fish excepted, as am I, but not dear Sam. Which would you choose? Her choice was the pasta. Oh, what can I say, dear gods of cuisine? The gin and tonic before dinner, the sip of wine with dinner (she didn’t like it so I had it) and the beer that helped her meal. She liked it! I’m in! I’m in!

Next morning: meeting with required-by-homeowner’s-association-

Mother’s back yard seen through to a neighbor’s.

landscaper. Everyone must plant front yard within sixty days of moving in or face unspecified, but dire, consequences. A single suguaro cactus is not enough. The meeting went well and long at ninety minutes since we also discussed possibilities for back yard. I am not a world class shopper for appliances (dresses and books different story) so when we stopped on the way back to consider refrigerators the day felt long.

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11 Responses to Utah to Arizona 10, Dinner for Mother, First House Inspection

  1. Oh the problems with old age, moving, etc, all those inspectors and advisors…gee that must be a gated community association where you mother is moving. Yes they have strict rules about all sorts of things. Everything is about conformity. One must appear the same as the neighbors or almost the same. Pretty odd that the yard must be planted within 60 days if I am remembering what you put in your post. Thanks for a nice post. Enjoyable.

    • Yes, it is a gated community which is about all there is in Phoenix. I’m not crazy over the idea but there is little choice. The good thing is the yards get put in. There aren’t any restrictions on the back and turns out the house is for Sam and me, not my mother who is an hour away in Sun City. Thanks for the note.

      • I am so sorry that I completely misread your post. How stupid of me. So, you are moving to Phoenix and isn’t that like moving to another conntry? I am under the impression that you have a scenic view where you live. Dont’ have any idea why.

      • I do have a scenic view I enjoy and a mountain garden I love, but it is time to move on. Yes, moving to Phoenix is a bit like a foreign country. Certainly different greenery and animals, let alone how some of the people think.I’m not at all sure how all this is going to go, but it’s time for a new adventure.

  2. Carrie Rubin says:

    “I want to be an eighty-six year old vamp.”—Well, it’s always good to have something to aspire to. 😉

  3. I wish you nothing but good luck and happiness in your huge new adventure. It sounds big to m. I have lived in my home for 40+ years and can not imagine change. I so admire individuals that can make changes in their life and seem all the better for it.

  4. restlessjo says:

    When are you making the move, Rebecca, or does that hinge on the property search? Utah and Arizona- I don’t know either but they both sound pretty big to me.

  5. Jo, I’m looking forward to moving into a house we’ve already purchased in January. We thought it would be November but things get slowed down. I’ve not lived outside of Salt Lake City, Utah since I was eight so it feels like a full circle and I’m looking forward to it. Out of curiosity I looked a few comparisons up and Poland is 120,421 square miles, Arizona is 113,634, and Utah is 84,898.83. I always thought Utah was bigger, now I know better. Thanks!

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