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Utah to Arizona #11, The Christmas Trip To Sign For The House

Last week we put 2200 miles on the car, signed a ream of paper, had a tussle with the US Postal Service, visited with my mother, bought a new house, had a quiet, special Christmas, saw a production of Annie, … Continue reading

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No Good Title for Connecticut

The happy house with the plastic Santa fetish is a few blocks from my house. It stands out in a one mile radius for number and variety of lights that some will attribute to joy, others to humor, and still … Continue reading

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Danielle Trussoni Penguin Books, 2010 The Book of Genesis, New York City on December 23, 1999, The Book of Enoch, seduction, studies in Paris during the 1940s, Biblical nephilim, and God’s fallen angels. There’s more. A young orphan nun, the … Continue reading

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Spreading Joy vs Minimizing Misery

I’m all for other people spreading joy. Me, I’m happy with minimizing misery. But to the end of improving myself I sporadically clip articles from newspapers, magazines, and the internet about confusing subjects like spreading joy. While cleaning a file … Continue reading

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