Books I Could Not Review

The new year is a time of purging, so I will throw out the few sentences I attempted on the following books I read.

6523058The New York Regional Mormon Singles Halloween Dance, a memoir by Elna Baker– I grew up around Mormons in Utah, and in truth I’m descended from them on both sides. There’s too much I struggled with for too long to forgive, gain a perspective of humor, and accept. For me to suddenly review a book that unwittingly displayed some of what I finally find benignly humorous and they tout like Las Vegas lights, would be making myself a target of vicious self-destructiveness.

The Buccaneer Surgeon, Frank G. Slaughter–Slaughter’s fiction was iconic in the 50s, so when I saw a cheap, used paperback I bought it for entertainment. It was entertaining though for all the wrong reasons and now that it is so out of step with today’s fiction, it wasn’t worth the time. I will remember it for a few nervous chuckles over sentences like these on page 219, “Long ago, I had sworn never to stab a man in the back or to rape a virgin. I had thought to make an exception of Maria Andreda.”

Sonora, Ignaz Pfefferkorn–This classic description of the Mexican state of 2624503Sonora was written from 1756 to 1767 by a Jesuit who was sent by the Catholic church for the purpose. I found it interesting for my purposes and research, but not riveting for general readers.

6665293Hot Rocks, Nora Roberts–Since I’d never read this popular novelist I thought it was about time. It was, but that type of writing holds so little interest for me that I would only make enemies reviewing it.

Kim, Rudyard Kipling–Like Buccaneer Surgeon, this also is a novel of its time, though it is a more respected classic. Enough has been written by others to fill history and high school student210834 need for reviews, and I wasn’t bowled over by it enough to care.

Women and Money, Suzi Orman–Enthusiasm should go into a review that inspires others to suze+orman+women+and+money1learn new and important material. I’m a jaded one who began skipping pages at a fast rate since it should have been and was years ago I needed and got the information.

The Purgatorio, Dante Alighieri–19164

It would have taken another book to sort this out, so I made extensive notes and put many exclamation notes in the margins to remind myself of a million little thoughts for my use and reference.

2318271The Last Lecture, Randy Pausch–This was a college graduation speech, magnificent for what it was and it didn’t need harpy opinions. It stood on its own for people who needed that direction.

What a Book! Tom T. Hall–My stepmother sent me this signed book with the note that Hall had been a favorite of my father. The book was all right, but4439386 how often does a father brought up in 1930s share a popular writer with a daughter who came of age with the Beatles and the Rolling Stones? To critically review it felt like daughterly subterfuge.

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8 Responses to Books I Could Not Review

  1. doesn’t it make you mad that nora roberts has sold zillions of books? it does me.

  2. Carrie Rubin says:

    I’ve never read any Nora Roberts. I’m not a big fan of romance. I once read a Danielle Steele book, but it was hard to keep a straight face, because I find some of the romance stuff so sappy. But I guess that’s my own issues. More power to the authors who attract all those readers though. I should only be so lucky. 🙂

    • I find that kind of romance writing sappy, too. And then, yes and no. I know the audience is there and rightfully theirs, but it surprises me that people are pleased with how little substance I think they are getting (like I know anything). Sort of like people love soda pop, but does it have substance? On I could complain.

  3. I think you should throw out these books too. I cannot imagine why you thought you’d enjoy them in the first place. 🙂 This is the first of your posts for me. I am laughing to myself that the entire post sounds very much like something I’d say on a good day. I’m reading backwards here so I’ll go on to discover positive reviews, I’m sure. The most intriguing book that I read in 2012 was “Half of A Yellow Sun”. I suspect that I am going to enjoy this blog.

  4. carolyn says:

    I’m surprised that Rudyard Kipling’s “Kim”, didn’t interest you more. He is such an acclaimed author.

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