Utah to Arizona #12, What Morning Glory Really Means

A morning glory as defined by Wikipedia

A morning glory as defined by Wikipedia

I didn’t know the real meaning of morning glory until the Salt Lake Tribune’s story this week that was headlined, “Lehi scraps Morning Glory Road name due to erection connection.” I thought it was either Version A, a blue-flowering summer vine, or Version B, a dreadful weed often found in Utah yards.

A thank you to the uptight, vigilant Xactware Solutions Inc., and company president Jim Loveland (Should he change his last name? I mean that sounds a little promiscuous.), for informing me of one more euphemism I can use for early day male sexual vigor. I was aware of “afternoon delight,” but “morning glory” had escaped me. But I’m not alone. Lehi resident Emily Scanlon was quoted saying she also had never thought of morning glory that way. They are not meddling with the nearby street named After Glow.

The story has hit papers around the world. At least it’s a little and meaningless thing to laugh about instead of what is most of news. At last I’m to my point of why this is about moving from Utah to Arizona. I will miss the quirky Utah news that so often fails to see its own silliness. I will be able to keep up with the internet, but being away from the source lessens pure, unadulterated (!!) enjoyment of being in the mix of things. I know that Arizona’s politics or social life will not be as understandable to me at gut level and childhood experience history. I do know Arizona’s governor Jan Brewer may be the country’s rudest and least gracious among the fifty US state governors.

No morning sex and no evening cocktail! (Who named that? Why isn’t it illegal?) You cannot order a drink before food in a Utah restaurant! http://www.sltrib.com/sltrib/money/55590897-79/restaurants-order-law-liquor.html.csp World history of pleasant conversation before gracefully enjoying a meal be damned! Yesterday’s Salt Lake Tribune brought an equally baffling, little-known law to attention that is now being enforced.

Monday the movers come. Serious moving will consume me for the next week or more with travel. I don’t know how often I will be able to pay attention to The Writing Waters and all the people I have come to enjoy through its association. I hope to be more consistent once the move settles down. But who knows? There may be one last Salt Lake Tribune article I just have to share.

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18 Responses to Utah to Arizona #12, What Morning Glory Really Means

  1. Too funny. Utah really is a nutty state with some of its odd rules. I had no idea that the state is
    that wacky.

  2. I have been growing morning glories on my porch for years and had never heard of this alternative meaning. They sure have creative minds in Utah. Not sure I will be able to think of my lovely morning glories quite the same now. Good luck in Arizona.

  3. For me morning glory will never be anything other than an annoying weed in my garden. As for you – dare I say out of the frying pan, into the fire. You are officially relocating to the state where the legal definition of life starting is defined as ” life begins at the end of a woman’s last period” Yikes. and good luck. 🙂

  4. Gunta says:

    Why is it that some of the most “righteous” folk seem to have their mind in the gutter? Certain words like obsession or repression come to mind….. 😉
    WIshing you the best with your move!

  5. souldipper says:

    Gunta speaks for me on this one! Besides focussing on matters considered “no-no-land”, people who live there act as though they’ve made some world-saving discovery! To make sure everyone notices, it’s foisted on us.

    For goodness sake, don’t be caught watching your pet relieve itself!

  6. nymuse88 says:

    That is too funny about the no alcohol before ordering rule. That must be tough on the restaurants though, I’m sure their customers from out of state complain :/ . Where are you moving to?

    • Yes, they do. In fact the state loses valuable business because of it. I’m off to Arizona! Not all that far really, but the weather will be warmer and the landscape a beautiful new kind of world.

      • nymuse88 says:

        That’s a shame about the law costing the state a loss in business. Hopefully they’ll realize the error before businesses start having to close. I’ve heard good things about Arizona. Can’t wait to see some pics when you get the chance and hope it’s an easy transition for you!

  7. ridicuryder says:

    Writing Waters,

    Nice one. Do a follow up on Utahisms for terms like shagging balls, dirty pool and bed wetting. If you get enough people contributing, maybe a sizable pile could be submitted to the state at once halting all speech until further notice.


  8. And here was me thinking it was just one of these: http://apod.nasa.gov/apod/ap090824.html 😉

    All the best with the move!

  9. Physically I think the transition is already starting to be easy. What I’m missing is some very good friends I can’t take with me. Yes, pictures of a beautiful and too often unappreciated desert landscape. Thanks for coming by.

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