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My Bras Are Bar Room Fighters

It’s my mother’s fault. I observed from action rather than words that underwear should match outerwear, and it is a pleasure of being feminine. Watching her dress in lace and hearing the soft brush of satin as she smoothed her … Continue reading

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Crazy For The Storm, A Memoir of Survival

Norman Ollestad HarperCollins, 2009 For two hundred fifty-seven pages Norman Ollestad gushed his story in a memoir that felt like one mighty breath of passion and memory. In straightforward sentences without punctuation or any posture of poetic phrasings, he told … Continue reading

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Dear Abby: My Stepfather Died Recently

This Dear Abby letter and response ran in newspapers March 9 Dear Abby: My stepfather died recently. I found out when I saw his obituary in the newspaper. It described him as a “loving husband and father,” and while I know … Continue reading

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Dear Acuvue2 +2.75, Birthplace Unknown, One Year Memoriam

August 15, 2011 – March 7, 2012 Rest in Peace. You will always be in my heart where I will remember you with affection of your longevity and a warm, renewed appreciation of the quality of industry. You stood by … Continue reading

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