Mesa Verde to Telluride, 101 Miles

The Seven Hundred Year Tour started at 8:00 a.m. with thirty other tourists from all over the U.S., Canada, Europe, Asia, and one from the Philippines. Park Ranger Geoff said the first people settled here

Ranger Geoff telling us the rules of good behavior.

Ranger Geoff telling us the rules of good behavior.

approximately 1 A.D. By 1200 by were beginning to settle and became farmers.

The next over two hours was spent being astounded by how the canyon houses were built as people slowly developed their homes with more ingenuity and comfort. The best was the visit to the Cliff House where we walked (with our group) and listened to how the matrilineal people lived. Their descendants are the Hopi of Northern New Mexico who still practice their way of thought and action.

Words don't describe the experience.

Words don’t describe the experience.

Several people kept asking about the houses being built for defense. Several times the ranger repeated there was no evidence of conflict (like most every other place in the world). This is one of the world’s most peaceful people and one of the reasons the site was put on UNESCO’s World Heritage list. Well worth anyone’s visit.

Off we went from Mesa Verde to Telluride in a time traveling glitch. In the morning we are feeling awed by landscape, history, the difference of matriarch cultures, and the power of the Three Sisters. That, we were told made it possible for this area’s people to be farmers. The Three Sisters are squash that grows and provides shade, the corn that takes nitrogen out of the soil, and the bean that returns the nitrogen to the soil.

Along the road.

Along the road.

We stayed awed by the scenery in the short day’s drive, but picture Telluride as casual bike-riding, snowboarding, micro-brew beer drinking, pay $500 for handcrafted earrings people. All of them beautiful, healthy and young. You know, today’s people. It was disorienting, but a path to today’s people was found to a day’s end with this.Beer

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4 Responses to Mesa Verde to Telluride, 101 Miles

  1. Alice says:

    I love the history and nature in this area of Colorado.

  2. I love learning about the past. Nice tour here. Thank you.

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