Leadville to Denver, 134 miles

I liked this town, its people, the feeling, but I know I wouldn't like the winter.

I liked this town, its people, the feeling, but I know I wouldn’t like the winter.

The day began in the 50s which is quite a change from mornings in the 90s in Phoenix. Broiling hot in Leadville is in the 80s. First stop was the post office where I sent a friend a birthday gift two day priority. There is a party this weekend and I won’t be able to be there, but the present will. That’s the worst part about moving. Leaving people you love behind.

Originally I thought it would be nice to ride the train up the mountain in the morning, but after seeing it the day before I’m glad we decided against

Dillon Reservoir

Dillon Reservoir

it. It looked like a great trip for families, but it would have taken over two hours and cut into the time we could spend in Frisco and Breckenridge.

Spontaneous Stop #8, Dillon Reservoir

I have hit this century again. We stopped in Breckenridge because a favorite employee from years ago was from there and would talk longingly about where she had gone to high school.Clothing boutiques abounded and I spent a little time walking in and out of stores and up and

Doesn't this just scream "overpriced"?

Doesn’t this just scream “overpriced”?

down the street. Not unhappily, I ended up with shirt to last a lifetime from Peru.

Lunch was proof we had rejoined 2013. A sandwich I didn’t have but it sounds good enough to try: “Grilled asparagus, goat cheese with herbed sun dried tomato spread, thin sliced red onion and balsamic drizzle.” No bologna and mustard here.

Should you ever find yourself approaching Denver on I-70 from the west, stop in Frisco to spend a few minutes reverently entreating safe travel under the cover of whatever god, goddess, spirit, energy, or dead relative you may have.  On the west side of the Rockies from Park City to Salt Lake I have experienced coming down and it is bad enough, but at least the freeway is wider and cars, motorcycles, semis, bicyclists and probably snowboarders descend at freakish speed five feet from hundred foot straight drops.

Going down on the east side of the Rockies is the same traffic with three narrow lanes and for a much, much, much longer time. You know you’re in deep water when flashing signs over traffic  reads: “Truckers! You are not down the mountain yet–continue to use low gear. If brakes go out, do not exit freeway.” Great. Like you want such a vehicle behind you.

We rested a bit at the Hampton Inn, (Room temperature was 69 degrees, I moved it to 74 degrees and my Arizona body still felt cool. They think I need freeze-drying here.) took a swim and opted for dinner in from Whole Foods.


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