Denver, Miles TBA

Denver NoseDriving around Denver is like every big city. A zillion cars going all over the place because they know exactly where they’re going and the tourist is the bumbling hazard.

Downtown Denver has appreciated its old buildings. Though much new is now going up and it was a very busy lunchtime crowd, the old, short three, four, ten story buildings are in place and adding character.

The lights hanging across the street would be great at night.

The lights hanging across the street would be great at night.

They call their downtown LoDo for Lower Downtown and it includes the historic Larimar Square and Writers Square. The picture is Larimar Square at noon.

For me, the crown jewel

The guy reading is a statue on the landing.

The guy reading is a statue on the landing.

was the Tattered Cover Bookstore. This branch of the original is in an old warehouse and it is beautiful and inviting beyond belief. I wish it was in my town. Two stories of organized new and old books had rows for easy ambling, creaky floors, high ceilings and ambiance  worthy of its own story.

I kept myself to three books. I will never catch up on that closet of To ReadTattared Books.

The Rothko Exhibit didn’t open at the main museum for two days  so we boycotted it and went to the Museo of Latin American Art in the Santa Fe District. It’s an “up and coming” area. It had an exhibit by artists showing nature and involvement in it.

The Museo's greeting statement. A Solstice wish.

The Museo’s greeting statement. A Solstice wish.

It turned out to be a perfect place to visit on the Solstice.

It’s difficult to get a pulse of anything beyond the downtown of a city as a tourist, but Denver is a large city of several million with its suburbs and appears to be a good place to live. It doesn’t have the excitement of Los Angeles, the soul of New Orleans, the roar of Seattle, the singular breath of New York, but it does have the Rocky Mountains.

P.S. It also pouffed my hair to almost ocean quality with all of its current humidity.

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6 Responses to Denver, Miles TBA

    • No, I haven’t at all and neither has Sam. I think it’s because we spent most of our lives in Salt Lake that’s sort of high and maybe the body “remembers,” but I also know it depends on the person.

  1. Humidity ‘puffed’ your hair? You must have curly hair then, because humidity depresses my hair to deflated string, dead hair, worse then no hair. Ugh.

    I’m am enjoying your tour. Keep it up.

    • Oh dear, we could be a team of opposites. It’s less curly now, but as you know, hair has a will of its own. Thanks for following. I haven’t had the time to be a good follower of anyone this week, but I will be.

  2. Never met a bookstore I didn’t like and the classic ones should be declared national treasures. Have you ever been to Powell’s in Portland? Like the big nose on the building. 🙂 –Curt

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