Denver to Trinidad, 214 Miles

It turns out we criss-crossed Denver for a mere total of 64 miles. Although for a traveler in those new-fangled automobiles in 1913 that might have taken three days.

Trinidad historical house made into museum.

Trinidad historical house made into museum.

The exit out of the city is US 25 South with an ever decreasing distance between houses from Denver and what used to be a separate town, Colorado Springs. The Black Forest fire had been contained, but I understand it took over 500 homes.

Spontaneous Stop #9 / the Air Force Academy

Rather it was an exit and it was soon realized NO ONE makes it a quarter of a mile without permission. Sam had been there on a tour several years ago, so while I drove he told me of his visit.

Another stop on his tour was NORAD which is North American Aerospace Defense Command, and is a cooperative work with Canada. Secure storage is underground, and has facilities to see every movement in the sky for the defense of the U.S. and Canada. It is a place the U.S President would go to if it were necessary. I don’t know about the Canadian Prime Minister, but perhaps. Sam had quite a weekend with a football game in the Air Force

Pueblo gondola.

Pueblo gondola.

section where his group were immediate fans.

Pueblo, Colorado is a cross-roads of highway that was a pleasant surprise. It has city fathers and mothers who love it dearly. That is evidenced with a well preserved Historic District that is walkable and a beautifully Riverwalk Gondolaplanned river walk with gondolas. We took an unexpected gondola ride!

Almost Spontaneous Trip #10 / San Isabel National Forest

On the way to Trinidad we thought it would be fun to make a detour along scenic highway 12 and see the Spanish Peaks and Cordova Pass at over 11,000 feet but fire has erupted here. They were letting people through, it appeared, but we decided not to go and instead headed straight to Trinidad.

Trinidad is an on the verge town of several thousand that could erupt into

Trinidad sidewalk art about 4 feet tall.

Trinidad sidewalk art about 4 feet tall.

a thriving, eclectic arts town or forever languish as a wannabe. We bought an art piece that is securely wrapped for safe travel. Our sales lady was a little older and she had moved to Trinidad six months ago to follow her son. Turns out she had moved all about Colorado following her son. Sounds like a tricky proposition.

Woke up Sunday and got to see a bit of favorite Sunday morning shows I haven’t seen in months because their timing is wrong for me in Arizona. I heard more about how the ebook has promoted female erotic writing, and learned about Uni Qlo, a clothing store. It was disturbing to read the constant banners across the bottom telling all residents that they were on pre-evacuation status. A Red Cross number is being given to call and tell if your were safe. Not good from Walsenburg to Trinidad.

Here’s what I like: A hotel iron with a 10 foot cord and an ottoman for easy ironing!

Yes, it looks like possible fire hazard, but it was treated quickly and respectfully.

Yes, it looks like possible fire hazard, but it was treated quickly and respectfully.


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