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Blossoms Of The Lower Branches, Chapter 1

The first chapter of my book is reprinted here because this time of year always returns me to the time of my brother’s death. Did the universe know the collected notes, pens, paper, and calendar of writing deadlines would be … Continue reading

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Chekhov, The Comic Stories

Harvey Pitcher, Translator and Editor Ivan R. Dee, 1999 The usually portrayed serious and melancholy Russian writer of the 1800s, Anton Chekhov, is quoted as saying, “Medicine is my lawful wife; literature is my mistress.” This collection of forty short … Continue reading

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Why Do People Say “My God. . .”?

Last night on Facebook a woman I know wrote “My God is a loving, supporting God and has. . .” and ended with “Find your own God and you will find peace.” I’ve heard that sentiment a thousand times. What … Continue reading

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The Paris Wife Question as Sentimental Yuck

My last blog was a review of The Paris Wife by Paula McLain. After posting I glanced through book club questions in the back, and the last one intrigued me: Ernest Hemingway spent the last months of his life tenderly … Continue reading

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