Utah to Arizona #19, What Friends Are In Front of Me Now?

A gift from friends.

A gift from friends.

Yesterday and the last two nights have been spent mentally and physically resting. It was not time planned for but it was time demanded from Irma (sometimes secretly called Fizzlehead) Prattle and my healthy though slowing body. It was necessary time in the De-acceleration Chamber between lives.

I think I can be called an Arizonan now. I have had houseguests and officially opened Beckie’s Bed and Breakfast for Friends. It was wonderful. Well there was a glitch but Dear Husband offered his own solution. To escape a weekend with descending females he retreated to an Artist Retreat Weekend in greater Phoenix that included art shows for his enjoyment and research for his work and art films in the evening.

Three friends from Salt Lake City came to visit. During the three day stay we went to The Arizona Biltmore, http://www.arizonabiltmore.com; Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taleisin West, http://www.franklloydwright.org/about/TaliesinWestTours.html; Usery County Park, https://www.maricopa.gov/parks/usery/; VNSA Book Sale, http://www.vnsabooksale.org; Desert Botanical Gardens, http://www.dbg.org; Mariscos Playa Hermosa Restaurant,

A Chiluly glass sculpture in the Desert Botanical Gardens.

A Chiluly glass sculpture in the Desert Botanical Gardens.

http://mariscosplayahermosa.com; and the Renaissance Festival, http://www.royalfaires.com/arizona/. Four hundred seventy miles were put on the trusty car. It was all wonderful.

And did I mention we ate and talked and watched the Olympics and had a drink or two? Then they left and the house was a silent, empty wine cellar with dirty sheets. And I was lonely.

Not once did I think to check on the happenings of another life. My newly formed Blog Life lay abandoned as a half-completed manuscript in the blogosphere. Irma asked me if I felt neglectful of a loved one with a face only a mother could love or free at last. Dear Husband asked if he could come home now.

Why yes, of course he could because during those three days I’d gotten a call from a friend and her husband who were traveling through and wanted to come by. Before they got here sheets were cleaned, food and drink were restocked, and the dishwasher was cleared.

They have been traveling and sleeping in their van for the past several weeks. That van has been to Alaska, Key West and eastern Canada in its 250,000 miles. My intrepid traveling friends have hiked Australia, South America, Mexico, Canada, all over the U.S., and Europe. Later this year they are traveling to China, unaccompanied.

It appears I am a Whose-In-Front-of-Me-Friend. I’m happy to be that. It means I get both, and I appreciate how different everyone is and how much I have been able to enjoy having such wonderful people in my life. Both real humans and all of you out there in the blogosphere who claim to be humans, too.

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11 Responses to Utah to Arizona #19, What Friends Are In Front of Me Now?

  1. Carrie Rubin says:

    Sounds like a nice time. We don’t have many guests, but sometimes family comes and stays. Such a stillness to the house after everyone’s gone. I tend to do the clean-up right away while I adjust to their absence as I’m always a little sad to see them go (though also happy for the return of my routine).

  2. Our house has become something of a B&B for friends as well, given its park-like setting. People seem to book months in advance. 🙂 Like you I am glad to see them come but really appreciate getting back to my routine afterwards. –Curt

  3. You especially have an ideal place for visitors. I hope they treat you well, but I would guess they do. Odd how we’re all appreciative of our little routines in life. Maybe they make us feel safe??

  4. Honie Briggs says:

    I love house guests. I love them when they arrive, while they are there, and when they leave.

  5. I don’t have overnight guests anymore as I have only one bedroom now. It’s awkward coming through the living-room while someone is sleeping on the pull out sofa. 🙂

    Having friends visit, the chatting, eating, laughing is a wonderful break from day-to-day activities.

  6. Abi says:

    You sound like the perfect hostess!!!!!! with the sheets cleaned, food and drinks restocked…. I bet they had an awesome time with you! thanks for stopping by my blog!!! 🙂

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