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Losing Faith in God is a Hero’s Journey Step

“. . . it swept away my last belief that there might be a Being of some kind out there who truly loved and cared about me—and that my prayers might be heard, and even answered.” The first time I … Continue reading

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Rita Moreno, A Memoir

Rita Moreno Penguin Celebra, 2013 Rita Moreno says her signature moment was singing and dancing “America” in the movie West Side Story. The “smoldering, sexy spitfire,” and “ethnic maiden,” had hit her stride under the claustrophobic star system of … Continue reading

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Facebook, Blog, and Three-Dimensional Friends

What is a friend? Why do I want any? What is a friend’s job description? These are questions I’ve been asking in the twisted issues of a desired relationship with the world. These are my small, sporadic forays in human … Continue reading

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