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Utah to Arizona #17, Leave A Happy-Spririted House

“Why am I doing this for someone else’s benefit?” The charge could have come from demon, Irma Prattle, but I can tell the difference and this wasn’t an Irma screed. I was up on my backyard mountain to clip the … Continue reading

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Utah to Arizona #16, Sam’s Birthday Dinner and Looking for Friend Spores

My husband’s birthday request is that I cook dinner for his birthday. This year he wanted a dinner featuring lamb shank. That spelled trouble. After planning the menu, I called the three closest grocery stores. All three have the basics … Continue reading

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Utah to Arizona #15, Evil Is Searching For Freedom?

So last night I read: Evil is a distortion caused by friction between two souls both striving to pursue their own freedom. Why do I time and time again gravitate to books like this? I’m going to buy Rita Moreno’s … Continue reading

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Utah to Arizona #14, Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

The furniture is in place, the cooking pots are in their drawers, books are on the shelves, half the artwork has been hung, and clothes are put away. I could be called “settled.” But I am not. Physically, yes; mentally, … Continue reading

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