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Facebook, Blog, and Three-Dimensional Friends

What is a friend? Why do I want any? What is a friend’s job description? These are questions I’ve been asking in the twisted issues of a desired relationship with the world. These are my small, sporadic forays in human … Continue reading

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Facebook, March, and So What?

March slipped through time. It came and it went as a moment in infinity. Unnoticed unless I take the time to look back at it. When I do, it sits more like a lump of hard clay now molded and … Continue reading

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Facebook, the Grocery List, and Isaac Asimov Super Quiz

Yesterday I posted on Facebook and I’ve gotten more responses than usual. The post was: When I got to the grocery store I found I’d left my shopping list at home. I remembered all 17 items! I’m so proud of … Continue reading

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