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Hoarding and He Who Dies With the Most Stuff Wins

The article in this morning’s newspaper in the Salt Lake Tribune (www.sltrib.com) said it took K Kay ten years to accumulate the mountain of stuff in her house. The story came to the Salt Lake Tribune’s attention after neighbors complained … Continue reading

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What Is It With Humans and The Desire to Kill?

What is it with humans? Where do we find the energy, time, desire and how-to for the sure destruction of others? What turns us from a life spent paying the bills and watching the news to making the news? Yesterday … Continue reading

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Tough Tittie or F_ _ _ Like a Beast or Heartless Bastards

Tough Tittie is at Burt’s Tiki Lounge, F_ _ _ the Beast is at Carol’s Cove II, and Heartless Bastards is at The State Room. Sam and I couldn’t decide which one to go to for New Year’s Eve since … Continue reading

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Six Lumps of Memory Clay

Memory can sit in the mind like a lump of clay to be shaped. Since my brother’s violent death, now decades ago, I’ve been intrigued by how people shape memory’s clay. Few people consciously consider memory’s power before thoughtful shaping. … Continue reading

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