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May 31 Things to Do

1. Post blog. Check done. 2. Finish writing for written blog interview on Blossoms of the Lower Branches. 3. Pay June utilities. 4. Receive overnight proof delivery (hopefully) and meet with author. Already know there are changes. 5. Get copyright … Continue reading

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A Walk in the Woods

Bill Bryson Broadway Books, 1998 Bryson is an adventurer for the armchair outdoorsman. If the ideas of proper planning of gear seems unnecessary, long hikes makes you tired, surviving on camping food sounds like medieval prison torture, and spending weeks … Continue reading

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Ghostwriting is an Appropriate Name

A last paragraph has been indented, a last sentence has received its period. There will be additional changes in another, expected to be final revision, but the majority of the 48,000 word document has been written and revised enough to … Continue reading

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“The Voice” Is a Writing Lesson

Months of alternating boring and exciting performances in “The Voice” came to the season’s finals last night. While all four of the very talented, disciplined, dedicated, and a dozen other adjectives, singers are still in the running, I’ll say, “The … Continue reading

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